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Anisorian provides quality expert real estate professional services internationally. It’s unique approach is in its flexibility and ability to deliver on a variety of real estate services


Areas of support

Real Estate Advisory

Anisorian provides clients with a wealth of first hand international experience from large Residential Projects in Dubai through to potential Asset acquisitions in the UK and Ireland. In addition to Asset Management, Investment Appraisal, Economic and Governance aspects such as Rent Review or Rental value assessments can be undertaken.

Environmental, Sustainability and Governance Consultancy

Anisorian can also provide key advise on Sustainability and Environmental issues affecting Real estate whether from the perspective of a Green Investment or the certification of a Building. Anisorian is a member of the Irish Green Building Council and World Green Building Council and can provide Home Performance Index (HPI) certificates for quality and sustainable residential development in Ireland and reviews internationally.


Anisorian can act as Business Finance Partner (BFP ) in provision of advice on both Technical issues such as IFRS 16 and evolving International Standards affecting Real estate Businesses. More hands on delivery of Management accounts for RE Companies (including bespoke SPVs), Service Charge Statements and Recoveries as well as advise on IT accounting solutions to integrate with CRM and Appraisal systems. Anisorian can provide International Financial Health checks.

Business Planning and Corporate Structures

The Practise undertakes the preparation and submission of Business Plans for new and restructured Real Estate businesses. It also provides detailed advise depending on jurisdiction on structuring of the Investment or Property Development Business acting as trusted Business Finance Partner.

Financial Modelling

We provide bespoke Financial Modelling Services covering all aspects of Real Estate-Investment Appraisals, Development Appraisals, Discounted Cashflows, Waterfall structures, PPP/PFI Models, Integration Commercial to Financial Statement, Financial Statements. Essentially all these elements can be tailored to the business requirements. Modelling can also be conducted in recognised International Property PropTech software such as Argus Enterprise, Argus Estate Master and MRI.

Tax in Real Estate

Anisorian can provide Taxation services such as Tax Planning on a variety of Taxes including Direct and InDirect Taxation, Capital Taxes and Tax Efficient Structures for business. Our Expertise covers a variety of differing tax jurisdiction including the UK, Ireland, the EU, CEE and the Middle East. Anisorian can also provide Tax Health checks and Tax Audits to maximise operational and tax efficiency as well as compliance for Real estate businesses.

Valuation of Real Estate

We provide RICS Red Book and IVSC Valuations on a variety of Assets and Asset Classes including Commercial, Residential, Mixed Use and Hospitality and performed with the regulated standards undertaken by a qualified Registered Valuer. Valuations are performed on worldwide assets but primarily the UK, EU, CEE, UAE and GCC countries as well as Africa and emerging Markets.

Development and Investment Appraisals

We conduct Development Appraisals for clients globally. These cover everything from simple schemes to complex intricate projects including mixed use projects and intricate Hospitality projects. We provide Masterplan Appraisals and models to accompany submissions to Banks for Finance purposes. We also provide Development Management Appraisal services ensuring that submissions to Banks, Government and Joint Ventures are Robust and accurate based on regularly updated current information. Audits of Appraisals on all levels of complexity can be commissioned. Anisorian also offer Investment Appraisals where Investors may wish to look at Purchasing an existing income producing asset.

Education and Training

We provide specific Corporate and Individual Training for Real Estate professionals including Software Training including:

  • Finance for Non Finance Professionals
  • Taxation for Non Finance Professionals
  • Property Development Lifecycle
  • Sustainability and Real estate
  • Finance Structures for Real Estate
  • Development Appraisal Master classes
  • Investment Appraisal Masterclasses
  • Argus EstateMaster – Development Feasibility, Hotel Feasibility Development Management, Corporate Consolidation Modules Training
  • Advanced tailored Corporate Argus Estate Master Training – all and integrated models
  • Argus Enterprise Training
  • Financial Reporting

All our courses are CPD Accredited.

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